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We have had such a great year that we are a few months behind our sightings! Just crazy and so blessed…

We were at one of our northern camps in March and I was guiding two awesome new Moriti family members, Keith and Kate. We had been in Cape Town for 3 nights and were ready for some African bush action!

Our first morning had yielded a sighting of the full lion pride we have on the property (about 13 strong now) and it was turning into another amazing private safari! No worries, I will post on this sometime soon. Anyhoe, we were sitting at camp in the pool chatting about a yoga safari that we would be putting together next year when Liana, one of the area managers told us she had just driven over the bridge leading to camp and there were a few wild dog sleeping close by… That was just too tempting to resist!

Now, to put this into context that bridge is about a 45 minute drive from camp and we were unsure whether our doggy friends would stick around. However, in true Kate and ‘Boston duck’ form my guests decided we should hit the trail and go and check it out! So, off we went with the setting African sun in our rear view mirror and the anticipation of something amazing firmly in all our minds… An hour later and some very ‘interesting’ discussions (mum is the word) we got to the bridge

I’m going to let nature take over here – look at what we did for nearly 1.5 hours, completely exclusive to just us as pretty much all our sightings are

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