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As the world carries on fighting this tiny virus with a big punch, we all sit in anticipation about when life will return back to normal. For us, the most important question is; what is happening in Africa? Is it possible to travel to Africa and go on safari? Is it safe to do so?

I can tell you that, tourism in South Africa is ready and we have put together a plan that will have us ready on the ground by September 2020. South Africa is the gateway to many other destinations like Botswana and Zimbabwe and so there is a lot riding on us to get it right.

Moriti Safaris understands that once travel restrictions are lifted, there will be concern around travelling to Africa. Numbers are soaring worldwide at the time of writing this post and Africa is not immune to this. On the surface, it all seems pretty dismal. Yet, there is a lot below the surface that is not being spoken about in the media. Coronavirus is not going anywhere and like the common flu virus, we will have to adapt to a new world until “herd immunity” is achieved.

With this in mind, I have placed the health and safety of our guests, guides and service providers first, through a variety of proactive measures…

  1. Private transfers will be used at all times. Your driver will adhere to strict protocol to protect you and him/herself
  2. Only small, intimate guest houses and lodges will be used. This ensures that social distancing will be adhered to
  3. Moriti will offer guests the opportunity to have all activities privately guided to eliminate social interaction. If this is not possible at some lodges, the lodges chosen will adhere to strict rules and regulations
  4. All lodges/guesthouses/hotels and activities will have safety in mind at all times. This includes the use of sanitiser and facemasks where applicable

For those of you who have travelled with Moriti before, you will know that I conducted the majority of the private safaris myself. I have chosen to expand this part of Moriti’s business and welcome Charles Delport, owner and lead assessor at Nightjar Training and Consulting to our private safari team. A private safari is, without doubt, the best way to travel now in our history. You have the lodge and the game activities to yourself and the only thing you have to share are your binoculars and packet of chips. For a family or group of friends, this is by far the best option. Moriti is also offering yoga and wellness safaris as part of our private Kruger safaris to help you recover and get yourself ready for the new world we find ourselves in. Hit us up at any time to enquire about these safaris, you won’t be sorry and you’ll be looking after your own health (shameless plug there, sorry).

New bookings made between today and 31 December 2020 will be required to pay a 30% deposit to hold and confirm space, subject to upwards change if required by third party suppliers. This deposit will be refundable up to 60 days before travel, if travel is not possible, or it is reasonably foreseeable that travel restrictions will still be in place on the date of travel.

To our guests that had to postpone travelling in 2020, THANK YOU for choosing to postpone. Moriti will survive and get through this because of you. To our new guests, Moriti is ready for you! We will be back in action with a new energy and some new safaris that have been grown out of what our past guests enjoyed and our love for adventure.

My advice to you is, if you are looking at travelling in 2020, is to look at late October into November. Travelling in 2020 is still possible and you will get the best Africa has to offer. You will experience us at our happiest, friendliest most exuberant selves. You could potentially have a lot of the tourist attractions to yourselves as we are expecting things to be quiet into the first quarter of 2021. How sweet would that be!?

Let’s end off on a positive note shall we, the Moriti way! Sure, there may be many conspiracy theories out there at the moment. And, while I will admit that a lot of what governments have done during the last 4 months has been pretty extreme, I do think, for the most part, they have tried their best with the information they had at the time. Will our world forever be changed by this, it is fair to assume so yes. My hope is that the change is geared more to environmental responsibility and enlightenment. My personal opinion is that we needed this change, as a race we were not heading in the best direction. I wish it had not harmed so many good people. Yet, we have to roll with the punches and make the best of a bad situation.

Will an African safari be the vacation of choice in a post-COVID world? Absolutely! Picture it: remote wilderness. A refreshed and invigorated natural environment. Fresh, unfiltered air. Open safari vehicles. Gorgeous weather. Plenty of sunshine. Delicious, fresh food prepared with love. No stress and the chance to be without all the social cues and rules! These are all healthy ingredients that reduce our risk and boost our immune systems. The African bush has always been a place to socially distance yourself if you think about it…

Africa has always been ready for THIS, are you now ready for AFRICA?

See you soon…

Yoga safari in the bush
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  1. Hi Shaun, Thank you for you heartfelt update. As a regular private safari traveller, it is good to hear all your progress and commitment to honouring all possibilities for the future. (I love the yoga and wellness safari idea.) We look forward to joining you in 2021 for our group’s next wonderful African Moriti adventure. Best wishes to you and all your team of passionate Africa devotees 🙏😀🙋‍♀️

    1. Heather, I cannot wait to see you guys next year. You need to be involved in the yoga safaris, you are certainly not off the hook on that one 🙂 Love to you and Garv!

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