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“I can’t imagine a better safari experience. Moriti took wonderful care of us, with terrific accommodations, delicious food and completely personalized service. More important, our outings into Kruger National Park were a delight: exciting, entertaining, informative, moving and memorable. Shaun is a great guide, team-leader, social director and educator all rolled-up into one. He can even summon-up a terrific Gin and Tonic when the sun sets over the grassland. He attended to us, our comforts and every small detail with energy and enthusiasm.”


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“Shaun Taylor from Moriti Private Safaris promised us the trip of a lifetime and boy, did he deliver! We were not clients, we were part of his family and he organised amazing sightings every single day. A family of 4, with a 7 and a 4-year-old have returned home dreaming of bush baby’s, black mamba’s and hyena pup’s all thanks to Shaun’s amazing patience, imagination and amazing tracking skills”

“The kids are now checking out every single paw print in the snow to ensure that no lion, hippopotamus, hyena or leopard has escaped from the local zoo and are running wild in our village.”


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“Never in our wildest imaginations did we ever dream we would have such an Absolutely Amazing Awesome Safari! Moriti Private Safaris and specifically Shaun Taylor created and delivered on our African Safari dream of a lifetime. Shaun has an uncanny ability to not only track wildlife, but then after the wildlife is found, to position our vehicle in the best possible location for the viewing and photography of the wildlife. We saw the Big 5 several times, plus a daily abundance of amazing birds and animals. Shaun was able to educate us in the ways of “the bush”, and instil in us a greater appreciation of all African Flora and Fauna, and what makes this area such a beautiful part of the world.”


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“We just returned from an absolutely amazing and memorable Safari with Shaun at Moriti Private Safaris. We saw the Big 5 in both Kruger National Park and the Klaserie Private Reserve along with many, many other animals, including the very rare Sable Antelope and wild dogs at Kruger. On several safari drives, Shaun proved himself to be an incredible and thoroughly knowledgeable tracker. He was able to track and find a leopard and several lions to find us the perfect viewing angles while other safari guides struggled for a sighting.”

“At the Klaserie Nyeleti guest house, we were surrounded by Klipspringers, Warthogs, Nyala, Impala, Kudu, and Baboons on the grounds. We also saw a Leopard they like to call Princess stroll by us at night while we were sitting by the campfire.”

– Lonny

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“Moriti Private Safaris provide outstanding quality of service and accommodation for an incredibly affordable price so we could share this wonderful experience with our 12, 14- and 16-year olds. He is amazing with adults and kids, and has a broad knowledge and keen interest in learning at every opportunity with he inspires everyone else to learn.”

– Jo

“I thoroughly recommend this trip with Shaun from Moriti Private Safaris! His knowledge of all the amazing animals and his respect for each and every one of them is nothing short of mind blowing! He enabled us to see the most incredible things and we learnt so much about all the animals and surroundings in Kruger!”

“Shaun is an amazing host who has an exceptional talent of building strong rapport with everyone, our 3 daughters aged 7, 11 and 13 all absolutely adored and idolised him. Shaun always made sure we were happy and comfortable from the moment we woke until the day drew to an end, always going above and beyond for us!”

“Our whole family loved every second of this holiday, an adventure we will never forget and we cannot wait to return and do it all again with Moriti. There is no other company I would ever use!”


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