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Tailor Made Holiday

An individual, tailor-made tour itinerary put together by a professional operator who specialises in your brand of vacation-ing is what you would expect, right? However, like many other things in life, there is a lot more to it than that. From one-of-a-kind holidays to personal safaris, we’ll create a bespoke trip that works around you.

Just googling something these days can spit out a million options that all look amazing, but which one suits you and your family you may be asking yourself…

What is a tailor made holiday anyway?

A tailor-made holiday is all about creating your safari, your way. So, while we know our hand-picked itineraries are awesome, we also know that not all travellers are the same.

That’s why we offer the tailor-made approach where we take the time to speak to you about what you’re looking for, take into account your needs and budget, and custom-build a holiday to match you and your needs.

Why not couple that with our expertise and knowledge of Africa to put together a winning formula. At the end of the day, what we are offering is a safari, uniquely designed for you, in conjunction with you and armed with our knowledge.

You can do this by stealing a few ideas from our set private African safari itineraries or having a look at our destinations and seeing which one works for you. Research is key, but do not overthink the process, that is what we are here for.

Whether you want to cram loads of activities into a week or spread them out over three, we’ll build an itinerary that works for you

Advantages of a tailor-made holiday

Tailor making a trip gives you the choice and flexibility to stay in the destinations you want, for the money you have available.

With a tailor-made holiday, you will receive the very best advice and we will will remove the arduous and stressful process of putting together your next holiday. Not to mention you’ll have a holiday that no one else has, how’s that for a boast-worthy experience?

You also have the advantage of being able to leverage specialist knowledge, extensive contacts and the best local partners.

There are no hidden costs to cope with either. Travel can often be unpredictable and if things don’t go to plan the cost can mount up very quickly. We are a reputable and experienced operator, thus your money is secure prior to departure. You also have the safety of having a local guide with you who knows exactly where to go.

Important things to consider

Getting the best value for money from your tailor-made holiday starts with what you would like to do and when. A budget is very useful, as although tailor-made represents excellent value for money, the budget also has to be able to cover all of the requirements.

Here is a quick guide to get you going:

  • The extra cost is easily outweighed by the benefits – You get the priceless expert advice of a travel professional, private drivers and guides, tried and tested accommodation and hidden ‘insider’ experiences. You also get your entire trip organized for you, with all the essentials included in the price. Plus, you can avoid some of travel’s worst bits like getting lost, missing a transport connection or falling into a tourist trap
  • Tailor-made holidays are good for families – Those with younger kids can make a family African vacation to suit travellers with short attention spans, with lots of breaks and time to regroup. Private activities with your family are great ways to bond and really get the most out of your vacation. Plus, we love kids!
  • Where do you want to go – You may have some specific ideas or at this stage, a more general idea but this is the starting point. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge about destinations and we are happy to share our ideas and love for these destinations with you. Visit our safari pages and check out places you might be keen to visit, like South Africa for instance.
  • When do you want to go – Many places are seasonal and so costs can vary as can what you can expect to see and do. Worth considering also is the cost of flights as these can also vary seasonally. All our safaris and destinations have a full breakdown of when to go. Check out the best time to visit Zimbabwe and Zambia for instance, that will get your blood pumping!
  • How many of you are there – We arrange tailor made holidays for couples, families, groups (of up to 10 people) and specialist travellers like photographers, yogis and people looking for a more spiritual journey. Our private Kruger safaris encompass all of these and are the perfect safaris to tailor to your needs.
  • What type of accommodation do you enjoy – For some, it’s comfort and 5-star service only while for others they prefer to stay in more authentic glamping locations. There is no right or wrong decision here, it is up to you but it can greatly affect the cost.
  • What about insurance, vaccinations and that kind of irritating stuff – Yup, we know it is painful to have to talk about these things, especially if you are travelling after 2020. However, never fear my travelling friend! We have a fully loaded FAQ section that we lovingly call our African safari guide (it’s not original, we know).

What about budget? Tell us what you have to spend and we’ll make it work or, on the rare occasion we can’t, we’ll offer you a range of well-informed alternatives to meet your requirements

Are you looking for a guided tailor made holiday

Ahem, not to point out the obvious here, but that’s what we do.

Having a guide with you enhances every single aspect of your safari or tour. In conjunction with your trip planned meticulously, you then have a guide executing the plan perfectly and intercepting any minor problems that may crop up. We are in the business of providing experiences and adding a guide is honestly, something everyone, especially families should consider.

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Our Bespoke Safaris

Territorial Male Rhino

4 Day Kruger Park Safari

Enjoy open vehicle game drives out in the African bush with expert guides and trackers. Perfect for people wanting a less commercial experience. Rates start from ZAR 7,500 per person per night.
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Male Lions Phinda

Beach & Bush Heritage Safari

We turn the cultural tone up a few notches with a tailored vacation around Africa's big game and the warm Indian Ocean. Rates start from ZAR 8,800 per person per night.
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Family Safari Coffee Stop

Best Of Zimbabwe Safari

This 10-day safari explores Hwange National Park, Mana Pools National Park and Victoria Falls. Rates start from USD 1,050 per person per day.
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Tsowa Safari Island, part of a Cape Town, Kruger, Victoria Falls Package

Cape Town, Kruger, Victoria Falls Safari

Come with us on our epic 12-day 'safari triangle' safari and visit Africa's favourite destinations. Rates start from ZAR 10,550 per person per night.
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Male lion close to Satara Kruger Park

Highlights of Kruger National Park

There is something to be said about being out in the African bush for 7-days with the Big 5 around you. Rates start from ZAR 10,400 per person per night.
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Lion jumping over water on a 7 day Zambia safari

Kafue National Park and Victoria Falls Safari

A safari with a difference visiting Victoria Falls and the wildlife paradise that is Kafue National Park. Rates for this safari start from USD 1,550 per person per night.
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Southern Tip of Africa

Kruger to Cape Town Safari

Two South African safari titans come together in everyone's favourite safari combo. Rates start from ZAR 7,500 per person.
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Cheetah Sighting at Phinda Private Game Reserve

Kruger to Phinda Beach to Bush Safari

Kick back at a luxury game lodge in Kruger & Phinda including swimming and snorkelling on a private beach! Rates start from ZAR 15,850 per person per night.
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Leopard waking up on safari

Okavango & Linyanti Safari

A 7-day safari exploring Botswana's garden of Eden . It's wild, it's beautiful! Rates start from USD 1,500 per person per night.
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Private safari with Moriti Safaris

Private Kruger Safaris

Privately guided game drives in Big 5 country, any dietary requirements met, transfers and an exclusive game lodge. It's your own African adventure! Rates start from ZAR 6,500 per person per night for a family of 4.
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Male lion close to Satara Kruger Park

Self Catered Kruger Safari

A privately guided self-catered safari that offers a full day exploring southern Kruger National Park. Rates start from ZAR 3,500 per person per night.
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Private Kruger safaris with Moriti Private Safaris

Self-Drive Safari in Kruger National Park

A self-drive safari with a difference, we plan it all for you and you just get to be an African safari guide, albeit just for a while. It is tailored to your family. Rates start from ZAR 2,000 per person per day.
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