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Private Kruger Safaris

Africa’s seventh biggest game reserve has a few hidden secrets… These secrets lie in particular areas that are as beautiful as the animals that call them home. Over the years, guests have made a few requests and these requests have become some seriously awesome safari options.

The difference with us is that our owner is a guide and still guides all the time. He deals with these lodges both with regard to admin and on the ground. This gives Moriti an edge as everything to do with private Kruger safaris has become a passion for all of us.

We have put together the safaris below using years of experience and that has made us one of the best private African safari tour operators in greater Kruger Park.




A private Kruger safari is the perfect safari experience!

You get a host and guide all to yourself and that opens a whole new world to you. Game drives revolve around you and not a set schedule and your guide can actively look for the animals and plants that you want to see.

For families and groups of friends, an exclusive safari lodge means “sharing is caring” is not something to concern yourself with for a few days or weeks. Coupled with a private chef that will cater to any dietary requirements, this takes a safari to another level.

Our private safaris include all your meals, accommodation and two specialised game drives per day. Shaun and Charles also offer walking safaris which offer a unique perspective into Kruger’s smaller and lesser-seen animals and plants. These are all tailor-made, so contact us for more info or you can check out our 4 Day Private Kruger Safari.

Yip, we get it. So many buzz words, private being the main one. If you are wondering what a private Kruger safari is and why we love them so much, then check out our post on what a private African safari is all about


Kruger Park is one of the best places in the world to enjoy photographic safaris.

The park has more species of large mammals than any other African game reserve (147 species). On top of that, the park has 9 distinct biomes offering guests the opportunity to find specific animals that they would like to get photos of.

We have the perfect game lodges which are all exclusively booked out and are hosted and guided by a specialist guide who knows the area very well. We also can provide a professional photographer who sits in the vehicle with you to help you with settings and lighting. This is essential if you are wanting to up your skillset or get to know your equipment better.

Our photographic safaris include all your meals, accommodation and two specialised photographic game drives per day. They are run at the best times of the year to go on a Kruger safari to give you the best chance of getting your shots.

Experience a night safari where we go out after dinner and spend time taking photos of the stars and the milky way. There is always the chance of a sneaky sighting of a nocturnal predator as well


A casual conversation with long time guest Kate Cappello enjoying a drink in a pool overlooking the Klaserie River one hot safari afternoon has turned into a safari monster.

Yoga safaris are the absolute perfect opportunity to experience the calming balance of yoga in one of the worlds most balanced environments. Morning and afternoon yoga is enjoyed at the lodge or out in the middle of the African bush with animals all around you. Admittedly, the animals do look at us as though we are nuts, but that’s part of the fun that we have.

Our yoga safaris include all your meals, accommodation, private yoga lessons and two game drives per day. These yoga retreats are all private and exclusively run for just 6 people. Whether you contact Kate or put your own retreat together and book the lodge out, each safari is tailor-made.

Experiencing downward-facing dog or warrior pose in the middle of the African bush surrounded by animals is something you will take with you for the rest of your life


Let’s face it, times are tough. Even without the 2020 COVID-19 failure, stress is an everyday horror that we all must deal with. We have found after years of working in the African bush, that there is peace and solace to be found out here. It is a chance to recharge and find your zen and is the best place to make some important life decisions.

Moriti offers limited, highly specialised wellness safaris for couples, families and business leaders. Our resident leadership coach, Mark Fraser-Grant can help you work on everything from personal concerns to full out leadership advice and mentorship. Our love for animals has overflowed over to humans and we take great pride in helping people with getting their lives back on track.

Our wellness safaris include all your meals, accommodation and two specialised game drives per day. We also include a few morning tracking activities that offer you a unique perspective into tracking and living in the moment, where anything can happen.

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