Our Anthology of Private Lodges

What Can You Expect

Hopefully you have read about us on the link to the right of you… If not, let us fill you in. Shaun, the owner and head guide had a vision about what he wanted Moriti Private Safaris to be about. He wanted to offer something very unique and very rare in the industry, a safari that offered more than just the Big 5 and 3 ply toilet paper. Shaun wanted to offer a wilderness experience, something that gave you the whole African bush experience, something as non-commercial as possible without losing out on quality. It’s not the game lodge and the funny shaped dinner plates that captured your imagination to come out here in the first place, it was your sense of adventure, it was the need to want to fill each sense with an experience of Mamma Africa and her beautiful creatures. Guess what, he found it and he wants to share this with you!

Klaserie Camps

Klaserie Camps are our flagship lodges and for very good reason. It is part of an exclusive, privately owned wildlife sanctuary. The camps, Kitara (Guitar), Nzumba (Drum) and Nyeleti (Star), are located in the north-western sector of the reserve, traversing just under 20 000 acres with extensive access to the Klaserie River. Nyeleti is used mostly by Shaun and he guides his guests exclusively out of this lodge and prides himself over the fact that he is the only private guide to be given this privilege by the family



With Shaun, you are guaranteed privacy and at Nzumba and Kitara you may share with a maximum of 8 other guests only. Very small and intimate


Over 20 000 acres of wilderness exclusive to a maximum of 3 vehicles, that’s approximately 7 000 exclusive acres per vehicle, very rare


This safari can be tailor-made to fit your needs including dietary requirements. We are child friendly and will fit in with your families day to day routine


There is a mega pride of nearly 30 lions that frequent the 20 000 acres of prime bush. We also see elephant, rhino and leopard often close to the lodges