Private Kruger Safaris

Kruger National Park is an awesome place! It is popular and the rest camps and facilities are part of the adventure. We have taken Kruger to a new level and offered a private version of the traditional Kruger tour. Enjoy daily private safaris inside this extraordinary national park including your own guide and open safari vehicle. This is your best option to experience Kruger the way it was meant to be experienced

Private Kruger Lodge Safari

Shaun’s main goal when he started Moriti Private Safaris was to get back to basics. He wanted to offer his guests an opportunity to get out into the wilds of Africa without having to worry about set itineraries. A real holiday… These tours have become legendary because you get to completely relax in your own time. All game drives are privately guided by Shaun and exclusive game lodges are an option as well

Botswana Safari

Botswana is a safari destination with hidden secrets… Many safari goers come and go in and out of southern Africa and overlook this small, landlocked country. In truth, it is one of the most beautiful places to go on safari. There’s the Okavango Delta, the 1000th site to be officially inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The great Central Kalahari Game Reserve, which is larger than the Netherlands, and almost 10% of Botswana’s total land area! Let Shaun take you to a land forgotten by time on a private safari voyage of a lifetime

Zimbabwe and Zambia Safari

Imagine a safari so wild, so authentically African, that you may even start talking like David Attenborough. This safari anthology takes you to places like Victoria Falls, Hwange, Mana Pools and the awesome Kafue. It is a chance to enjoy a real safari without the crowds you would expect to see, no matter what time of year. Shaun hosts and guides you through some of Africa’s most primitive places, you better keep up

Namibia Safari

“A land lost in time with the clearest skies you will ever see”… This is how Namibia has been described by one of our guests. Namibia’s Coastal Desert is one of the oldest deserts in the world. Its sand dunes, created by the strong onshore winds, are the highest in the world. Besides that, the wildlife is so unique and is perfect for safari goers who want a different perspective to the commercial African safari. Join Shaun on a magical carpet ride through one of the world’s most amazing places

Rwanda Safaris

Rwanda is now a world-away from the horrible history that haunts this beautiful African country. Its vibrant cities have a charming small-town feel and beautiful lodges are popping up in the mountainous national parks. The safari scene is still under-the-radar but not for long. Shaun hosts you through this mystical forest of an adventure which provides a real safari option for any traveler