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When you are within a 5 million acre wildlife paradise, animal sightings can be either amazing or very slow… Animals come and go in this pristine wilderness and often you only get to see an animal once in its lifetime, especially elephant and buffalo

We are lucky enough to have a pride of lion on our area of the Klaserie that we have become quite used to… We’ve become like family, except Christmas dinners are not an option out here because, well you could become the dinner!

Currently we have 3 females, 5 cubs and 2 males… In lion society the females make up the nucleus of the pride including their offspring. Male cubs get chased out at around 2.5-3 years old and the related females stay within the pride to help with hunting and rearing the new cubs. However, if a pride gets too large the non-mating females will also leave to start new families elsewhere

Males come and go depending on competition and do not form part of the main pride unless they are mating with the females, feeding or defending the territory

With our pride, our two boys are hardly ever with the females and cubs as they have a large territory and are often roaming around defending it… They are a force to be reckoned with however, as both are fierce fighters!

It is just a privilege to watch their lives unfold like a soap opera in front of us and I count myself lucky to get to see them often

Why not join me? They are magnificent beasts that is for sure

Male Lion | Moriti Safaris
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