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Unforgettable Lion Safaris in Africa (2023)

Lion safaris in Africa are the most popular wildlife tours where visitors can see lions in their natural habitats, usually in African savannas. These tours are usually done in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana and are a big part of our safari offering here at Moriti.

The tours can be done by various means such as open safari vehicles, boats, or by air and are guided by experienced guides who provide information about the lions and their behaviour. It is important to choose a responsible tour operator that follows ethical wildlife viewing practices.

If lions are on the top of your list, you will need to check out the below and start planning your safari soon!

Lion Safaris in South Africa

South Africa is home to some of the most iconic wildlife, including the majestic lion, and there are many safari options that allow visitors to observe these extraordinary animals in their natural habitat.

Game reserves that Moriti operates in both privately and commercially include Kruger National Park, Sabi Sands Game Reserve, Timbavati Private Game Reserve, Klaserie Private Nature Reserve and Phinda Private Game Reserve.

When planning a lion safari in South Africa, it’s important to research the different options and choose a reputable safari operator or lodge that prioritizes responsible and sustainable tourism practices. You do not want to arrive here and realise that you are about to embark on a “commercial factory safari” as we call it. You deserve better, at least we think so!

Here are some popular lion safari options in South Africa:

Southern Tip of Africa

Kruger to Cape Town Safari

Two South African safari titans come together in everyone's favourite safari combo. Rates start from ZAR 7,500 per person.
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Tsowa Safari Island, part of a Cape Town, Kruger, Victoria Falls Package

Cape Town, Kruger, Victoria Falls Safari

Come with us on our epic 12-day 'safari triangle' safari and visit Africa's favourite destinations. Rates start from ZAR 10,550 per person per night.
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A lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of sheep. – George R.R. Martin

Lion Safaris in Botswana

Botswana is known for its astonishing wildlife and is home to a large population of lions.

Some of the awesome destinations Moriti operate in are The Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve, Central Kalahari Game Reserve and Savuti Marsh which is located in Chobe National Park and is known for its large population of lions. Visitors can take game drives to observe these big cats in their natural environment.

Here are some popular lion safari options in Botswana. These are most suited to couples, families and groups of friends:

Leopard waking up on safari

Okavango & Linyanti Safari

A 7-day safari exploring Botswana's garden of Eden . It's wild, it's beautiful! Rates start from USD 1,500 per person per night.
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Lion Safaris in Zimbabwe and Zambia

Zimbabwe and Zambia are both home to some of the most unrestricted wildlife in Africa, including the majestic lion. Often overlooked, these destinations offer up some of the best opportunities and, most importantly, the best guides you will ever get.

Moriti operates extensively in Zimbabwe & Zambia and is proud to offer sustainable safaris in the most beautiful reserves in Africa such as Hwange National Park (Zimbabwe), Mana Pools National Park (Zimbabwe) and Kafue National Park (Zambia) which, ironically is home to some of Africa’s best and most unique lions. Our guests can take guided game drives, walks and water-based safaris to celebrate these big cats in their natural environment.

Below are our best lion safaris in Zimbabwe and Zambia. All can be built around your needs and in fact, we prefer it that way because it means you get your very own safari to brag about!

Family Safari Coffee Stop

Best Of Zimbabwe Safari

This 10-day safari explores Hwange National Park, Mana Pools National Park and Victoria Falls. Rates start from USD 1,050 per person per day.
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Lion jumping over water on a 7 day Zambia safari

Kafue National Park and Victoria Falls Safari

A safari with a difference visiting Victoria Falls and the wildlife paradise that is Kafue National Park. Rates for this safari start from USD 1,550 per person per night.
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Best destinations to view lions in Africa…

South Africa

Hluhluwe Safari

The oldest proclaimed nature reserve in South Africa. It consists of 960 km² of mountainous landscape, in central KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. It is known for its rich wildlife and conservation efforts. The park is one of the very few parks in KwaZulu-Natal where the Big Five can be found.

3 Day Kruger Safari

South Africa’s biggest national park is home to the country’s greatest diversity of wildlife. Kruger’s real draw is an almost guaranteed encounter with the super-celebrities of the safari circuit: Africa’s iconic Big 5. You can expect sightings of them all year round.

Male Lions Phinda

This reserve encompasses an impressive 286 km² (110 mi²) of protected wildlife land. It offers some of Africa’s finest game viewing experiences, as well as 436 bird species. The reserve is particularly well known for close-up sightings of the elegant yet elusive cheetah, as well as the rare black rhino.


Kalahari Plains Camp, Wilderness Safaris

Wild, mysterious and just unthinkably vast, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is a true wilderness that will give you the impression that you are exploring Africa on your own. Rich grasslands surround you by day whilst the skies at night are as clear as you could ever imagine.

Elephant Crossing The Linyanti River

This is a vast area of pristine wilderness located in the north of Botswana. The entire area is superb for elephants. There are a few rival prides of lion and this is also an excellent area for spotting the elusive leopard and rare wild dog.

Pek's Fishing Owl At Xigera Camp Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is one of the most inspiring wilderness locations in Africa, if not the entire planet. The Delta is a truly unspoiled wilderness with terrain ranging from dry grasslands to swamps. Possible animals to be sighted include cheetahs, lion prides, leopards on the prowl, zebra, giraffes and elephants.

Zimbabwe & Zambia

Walking Safari In Hwange National Park

This most famous park in Zimbabwe provides a haven for 107 mammal species and more than 400 recorded types of birds. If it’s elephants you want to see (there are between 45,000 and 60,000 living in Hwange), then this is the place. Hwange is most commonly combined with Victoria Falls.

Lion Jumping Over Water On A 7 Day Zambia Safari

Kafue National Park covers a massive 22,400 km². It remains little-known and largely unexplored with vast tracts of its virgin bush still untouched. Thanks to its size and variety of habitat types the it holds a fantastic diversity of wildlife. The Busanga Plains is famed for its prides of lions.

Elephants In Mana Pools

Mana Pools is considered one of the prettiest reserves in the world. Its location near the Zambezi River gives it large pools that support an amazing collection of wildlifeCanoe safaris, a terrific way to see animals. It’s also one of the best places in Southern Africa to see endangered wild dogs.

Moriti will tailor something specifically for you to go lion adventuring on. Check out our tailor-made safari enquiry form

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Our Safaris

Territorial Male Rhino

4 Day Kruger Park Safari

Enjoy open vehicle game drives out in the African bush with expert guides and trackers. Perfect for people wanting a less commercial experience. Rates start from ZAR 7,500 per person per night.
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Male Lions Phinda

Beach & Bush Heritage Safari

We turn the cultural tone up a few notches with a tailored vacation around Africa's big game and the warm Indian Ocean. Rates start from ZAR 8,800 per person per night.
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Family Safari Coffee Stop

Best Of Zimbabwe Safari

This 10-day safari explores Hwange National Park, Mana Pools National Park and Victoria Falls. Rates start from USD 1,050 per person per day.
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