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In September we were in the Klaserie Private Game Reserve and, as usual our lion pride were giving us some great opportunities to take a few photos…

On this particular morning, we spotted our lionesses in the riverbed. At this stage they had just had their cubs and were hiding them in some foliage along the river. We followed them, anxiously waiting to catch a glimpse of the new additions, but like good mommies normally do, they kept them out of reach and we decided to head down the river and have some coffee in the shade of a massive Jackalberry tree. While we were sipping away, listening out for which birds had returned from their winter travels, a massive and beautiful male kudu sauntered passed us. This male, for some reason was completely relaxed with us and came really close, nibbling on a few new shoots of Jackalberry leaves. It was an awesome sighting and we were really honoured that he chose to come so close

Ah, Shaun this was supposed to be about a lion kill??? Ok fine, I am just setting the scene…

That afternoon we decided to head back to the river in search of the cubs… We came around a corner in the river, pretty much exactly in line with our coffee stop and were greeted to our lady lions on a fresh kudu kill. It just so happened to be our boy from that morning and all of us in the vehicle, thrilled to be able to be so close to a kill, were all a little quiet, we felt like we had lost something

Nature, is a beautiful thing, but as in life, there always has to be a complete opposite to something or it will be unbalanced and die eventually. The beauty was these lionesses who were starting a new pride in the area, the beast was our friend the kudu who was sacrificed for this new beginning

Nature teaches me more than any book or conversation I have ever had. It teaches me that with success, comes an opposite. If you can learn from nature, you can be very successful as the laws that govern the animals, govern us, even if society disagrees

It was an awesome sighting and one that will stick in my memory as the most bitter-sweet

Chat to you guys again soon!

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