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Elephants are amazing creatures and often guides will neglect a sighting like this in favour of trying to find one of the cats… However, you can have so much fun just watching how elephants behave around a mud wallow or water source

They wallow in mud and spray themselves with sand to get rid of parasites and ticks. They can also swim as far as 30km in deep water using their trunk as a snorkel. An elephant in Kariba Dam in Zimbabwe swam for 27 hours to get to a particular food source! Those are just crazy facts, but so interesting

These elephants in the video below would have waited patiently for the mud to dry and then they would have rubbed up against a large tree to remove the parasites and any itch that may have burdened them. I often wonder to myself whether the little ones just enjoy playing in the mud as kids do and Mama Nature, just while they are young, lets them enjoy this to the fullest until they understand the important reason for this activity

Next time you are in the bush, hopefully with us of course, I really wish a sighting like this on you… Take your time and watch them, they eventually forget you are there and the joy in their eyes and the loud screams and bellows cannot do anything else but make you smile too

Happy viewing!

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