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In June this year I had the privilege of guiding the Rineer family at Naledi Game Lodge in the Balule… Awesome lodge owned by my friend Kjell, this place is one of the top game lodges in Africa!

First afternoon drive and boom, lion pride! We got lucky however as the pride moved across the river (my luck of course) and disappeared for the rest of the safari

However, on our last morning we were taking a leisurely drive back to the lodge when we had an amazing sighting! A female black rhino was browsing on a few trees and allowed us a blessed 20 minutes of viewing while she was completely relaxed. For those of you who are not 100% sure why this deserved its own post, I can tell you that this is only the second time in my safari history that I have seen black rhino and the first time I have seen one up close and managed to get footage of it. And man, what a sexy girl!

Black rhino are very habitat dependent and prefer very thick bush with lots of trees to browse on and thus are very difficult to view. There are an estimated 400-500 animals in theĀ Greater Kruger Park which is nearly 5 million acres! I will be doing a post soon on black rhino and their behaviour so keep an eye out for that and subscribe to our blog on the right hand side of this post – that way, you’ll never lose out!

The main photo for this post was taken by a photographic legend here in South Africa, Nigel Dennis

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