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  • ROUTE: Crocodile Bridge Gate / Lower Sabie / Crocodile Bridge Gate
  • TIME: 3,5 hours with animal sightings traveling at 30 km/h
  • DISTANCE: 76 km
  • BIG 5?: Yes

This region of the game reserve is very good for a big 5 safari, wild dog and cheetah and is a highly recommended route by me as a guide!

Drive in through Croc Bridge and go into the park using the H4-2… This road is very good for lion sightings, but can be busy at times as it is the main route to the other camps.

Drive all the way up to Lower Sabie, it is worth seeing this camp – it is large, with rolling lawns and beautiful sights! Often, you can do your own big 5 safari by just sitting on the deck all day, but that’s no fun is it!!??

Drive back onto the H4-1 for about 4km until you reach the S28. Recently, this 7km stretch of road before the S137 has produced leopard sightings every day! I think it is an area of overlapping territories as there is often a male, but also a female with sub-adults! A top road in my book on safaris! Travel for about 7km until you get to the S137, then turn right.

Please excuse my map, it was having a malfunction and a piece of the road plus the entire S130 is missing… Anyway, this road leads up to the Duke waterhole, which is named after one of Kruger’s famous tuskers who died a few years back. Again, for some reason the leopard sightings here are amazing! The S137 is also a popular route for cheetah, so drive slowly and keep an eye out as they often hunt in this area.

This road is about 8km long, from here turn right onto the S130. This road (which does not appear on my map, but will on your Kruger map) does not carry as much traffic as the H4-2, but lion, cheetah and ostrich are seen here regularly. Plus there is a seasonal pan on the left hand side of the S130 a short way on where we always see rhino drinking in the late afternoon!

You will join up to the H4-2 at the Mpemane waterhole, turn left and make your way back to the gate

If I were you, give yourself the whole morning or afternoon as, besides the fact that Lower Sabie is worth spending time in, the game viewing has the potential to be absolutely crazy!

Enjoy and let me know what you saw

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