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Amazing Lion Route in Kruger Park

  • ROUTE: Malelane Gate / Biyamiti Weir / Malelane Gate
  • TIME: 3 hours with animal sightings travelling at 30 km/h
  • DISTANCE: 67 km
  • BIG 5?: Yes

This route can be well worth it as the big 5 are well represented along this route in this part of the game reserve, especially lion!

Enter at Malelane Gate and follow the H3 all the way up until the S118 split. The H3 is a great route to try to spot cheetah as well as hyena and is well worth investigating, though it does carry a lot of traffic.

The S118 runs along the Mlambane spruit and is a great spot for lions, especially later in the afternoon. Drive slowly along here, then turn left onto the S114.

The S114 is one of the best roads in Kruger for large lion pride and I regularly use the road on our safaris. Head up to the Biyamiti Weir and investigate the many side roads and loops that are found around the weir. It is a beautiful part of the park and I have no doubt rhinos and buffalo will be moving around the river bed grazing. Biyamiti Weir holds a special place in my heart – nearly every time I drive around here there is a leopard somewhere in the undergrowth, namely a mature male. He is rather skittish so drive slowly and watch for the tell-tale white ‘swish’ of the tail in the long grass, he normally walks around late in the afternoon on the road marking his territory.

Head back towards Malelane gate on the S114 and hang a left onto the S119 / S25 loop. This is a quiet loop with great views of the Mlambane spruit, which produces great lion sightings at times!! There is a seasonal pan on the S119 which is perfect for photography and is probably the best place in the park to take pics of rhinos drinking at close range.

Follow the S114 back to the main road, turn left and make your way out of the park via Malelane gate.

Check out Moriti’s Kruger National Park travel guide for more info on this awesome game reserve.

Don’t forget to hit me up for an awesome private Kruger safari sometime and come and see this route for yourself.

Lion near Skukuza | Moriti Safaris
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