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Shaun and Vusi tracking lions on a Kruger safari

Who Are We

Moriti specialises in private safaris in South Africa and around the African continent. We LOVE Africa and are committed to sustainable and responsible tourism and we only use lodges that believe in the future of our communities and animals. The safaris were all borne out of a complete and uncontrollable childhood obsession with the African bush and her many miracles and animals.

The company has been operating since 2011 in Kruger National Park and our owner, Shaun Taylor is one of the pioneers within the private guiding sector there. Over the years, Moriti has expanded and it is now a pleasure to plan adventures for guests all over Sub-Saharan Africa in amazing places like Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Rwanda. All our guides are experts in their fields. This means you always get the best service whether you are on or off safari.

Moriti purposefully stays small and owner run. Our core values are simple:

  1. Passion for Africa
  2. Passion for our industry
  3. Passion for sustainable tourism and protecting the planet
  4. Passion for a true African experience over profit

Close your eyes, now imagine – the sun beating down on you, the smell of wild sage, the distinctive call of the go-away bird in the background, wild animals roam free… You’ve made it, you’re in Africa!

Client Testimonials
Shaun Taylor when he worked for SANParks

Our Owner

Hi there, my name is Shaun Taylor. Ever since I saw the movie Crocodile Dundee I have dreamed of one-day taking people into the middle of the bush. I wanted to let them experience, not just a safari, but a spiritual awakening. I personally guide safaris all over Greater Kruger Park. I can proudly say I now offer guests an opportunity to completely remove themselves from the stresses and expectations of the modern world. My passion spilled over into Africa and I now host and guide guests in Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Rwanda which is a boyhood dream of mine!
Once I finished school I spent a few years training and have varied qualifications from lodge management to guiding, snake handling and walking. I am also qualified in first aid and have had experience in trauma situations.
The only thing that can overshadow my love for the bush is my family. I am married to Andrea, my high school sweetheart and have two kids, Olivia and Jonathan who teach me something new about primates every day.
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