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Amazing Aardvark In Kruger | Moriti Private Safaris

Interesting Info on Aardvarks

Enjoy some aardvark facts and info on these very secretive animals [leap_tabs type="horizontal" style="style-1" ][leap_tabs_head][leap_tab_title]Behaviour[/leap_tab_title][leap_tab_title]Diet[/leap_tab_title][leap_tab_title]Breeding[/leap_tab_title][leap_tab_title]Info[/leap_tab_title][/leap_tabs_head][leap_tabs_container][leap_tab]Strictly nocturnal & solitary, males & females have anal scent glands. Can be seen during the day after a cold night basking in the sun Aardvarks dig temporary homes in the soil, once inside they cover themselves with soil. They seem to remember where these temporary homes are as they dash off when they sense danger straight to it. They also dig more permanent homes, these…

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