Exclusivity, Privacy and Unrivaled Game Viewing

Our safaris are exclusively private and we specialise in couples, families and small groups of friends. What we offer is very simple: the opportunity to experience a completely private safari and have the guide, the game and the experience all to yourself



Our set safaris are the best you’ll find anywhere in and around Kruger


Walk with Shaun and experience Kruger as it was 1000’s of years ago


On our safaris, game drives are exclusive to just your family


Private safaris including a professional photographer

Guiding Expertise at its Best

Moriti Private Safaris is owner run and guided by Shaun Taylor. Shaun grew up in the bush and has never wavered in his love and passion for it. Kruger Park has become his home and along with his guests and his family, he enjoys many amazing adventures and invites you to join him!

Along with Shaun, William Cook (the skipper) guides for Moriti during busy periods. He shares the same love of the wilderness with Shaun and has many years of experienced guiding throughout southern Africa

Our Most Popular Safaris

Our safari itineraries have been built around our guests and their feedback and thus are constantly being upgraded. These tours are built for you, by you and have the magic of the exclusivity we have become world-famous for… It doesn’t get better



What we are famous for… A 3+ night completely private African safari

Vic Falls

Experience the best Kruger has to offer and then fly to the ‘smoke that thunders’

Best Of

This 9 day adventure will give you the best Greater Kruger has to offer. Perfect for families

Wild Adventure

This 7 day safari is your best chance of seeing all Kruger’s amazing animals in the wild

Our Safaris will Change your LIFE!

Nothing about our tours is commercial. If needing to get away from it all and experience your souls need for love, look no further. All the lodges have been hand picked by Shaun himself for quality assurance. Regardless, don’t forget we can tailor-make the safari for you