Exclusivity, Privacy and Unrivaled Game Viewing

Our safaris are exclusively private and we specialise in couples, families and small groups of friends. Moriti is owner run and guided by specialist guides who know Kruger better than anyone. We stay small and dedicated to Greater Kruger to make sure you get the best service before, during and after your adventure with us. What we offer is very simple: the opportunity to experience a private safari and have the guide, the game and the experience all to yourself



Our set safaris are the best you’ll find anywhere in and around Kruger


Walk with Shaun and experience Kruger as it was 1000’s of years ago


On our safaris, game drives are exclusive to just your family


Private safaris including a professional photographer

Completely Private Safari

Our main goal when we started Moriti Private Safaris was to go back to basics and offer our guests an opportunity to get out into the wilds of Africa without having to worry about set times, itineraries and other people’s likes and dislikes. Our private safaris have become legendary because you get to completely relax in your own time, away from anyone or anything

9 Day Best Of Kruger

We’ve been told from a young age that we can never have our cake and eat it too… We say, whatever! This is the entire cake, crumbs and all and encompasses everything that Greater Kruger offers including big 5 sightings, panorama routes and even aloe forests

7 Day Wild Kruger Safari

You may think that there are so many options for Kruger safaris, but really there is only one… Seven days with us will yield five nights inside Kruger Park which will give you the best chance of seeing Africa’s big 5. Not only that, but we do it in style with privacy the core of the safari


What can we say, Kruger Park is awesome!! We love the place, so specialising in it was a no brainer. Moriti Private Safaris take pride in being experts now and we are happy to give you guys advice on all aspects of ‘the great heart’. We also offer add-on trips to Cape Town, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia through our various tour operating partners who specialise in only the best those areas have to offer. So if you are looking at a fully locked and loaded package, we have you covered